As a whole the project is aimed at conserving the rich and unique bio-diversity in Sri Lanka, and providing economic benefits to local communities, through eco-tourism and environmentally friendly agricultural practices, while uplifting their family life through the adoption of healthy life styles.

The newly re-forested area would increase the current extent of the adjoining Bambaragala forest reserve, a tropical rainforest, and strengthen the sustenance of bio-diversity and related eco-system services. The project site also serves as an exceptional resource center to promote healthy lifestyles and environmental education and awareness among school children as well as among general public, while serving as a model that could be replicated elsewhere in the region. Additionally, contribution towards mitigating the problems of global warming and climate change will be the outstanding benefit of the project where the regenerated area would facilitate carbon sequestration.

The project has been able to enlist the support of the HSBC to take the project on to second stage i.e. developing the scientific aspects of the regenerating activity.

Our activities

  • Restoring a tropical rainforest in a scientific manner through the active support and involvement of local communities
  • Promoting sustainable livelihoods and healthy lifestyles among local communities in order to ensure continuous support for conservation activities.
  • Promoting conservation, education and awareness as part of an integral and holistic program on healthy lifestyles.
  • Promoting the project through eco-tourism
  • Sharing experiences and extending best practices to encourage replication of similar activities in other areas within the Wet Zone of Sri Lanka.
  • Research