Bio Diversity


The range of bio-diversity at Mahausakande is extraordinary and this is what makes the place so attractive to nature lovers.

Different habitats promote a variety of life. Butterflies and other insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and a range of plants are found in abundance. The habitats include,

  • Riparian forest
  • Scrub and secondary forest
  • Regenerating forest
  • Rock- outcrop
  • Abandoned rubber
  • Agricultural land
  • Home garden

Observations and baseline surveys to date have made it possible to record 60 species of birds, 27 species of reptiles, 15 species of mammals, 2 species of fish, 18 species of amphibians. 73 species of butterflies are also found. In addition, 207 species of flora were recorded so far including 24 endemic species.

The monitoring of bio-diversity in Mahausakande is a continuous process, with the assistance of the trained village guides. The guides maintain a record of daily observations on animal sightings with their specific locations along with the climatic data.

Galge A view of the Galge and the Lyn de Alwis Discovery Center

Using the experience gathered from this project, best practice guidelines are being developed for participatory restoration of rain forests and healthy lifestyles. These would be disseminated among relevant stakeholders.