About Us


Mahausakande is managed by the Ellawala Foundation Trust. The Board consists of the members who are all committed to the conservation and regeneration of tropical rain forests in the region.

HSBC’s Commitment for a Greener Future

HSBC, in a bid to preserve the environment in a responsible manner, entered into a partnership with the Ellawala Charitable Trust to regenerate a tropical rain forest in Mahausakande in the Sabaragamuwa province. This landmark initiative, which was announced on 7 February 2008, seeks to create a natural habitat for indigenous species and benefit the livelihood of local communities residing in the Kiriella area.

The significance of the project is the employment opportunities it will generate for about 50 women and their families living in the Hindurangala village. In addition, the Mahausakanda site will be developed as an Environment Awareness Centre that will be used to conduct environmental awareness programmes.

The project also aims to promote applied research to the conservation of rainforests and other ecosystems, whilst sharing environmental best practices, which have been implemented in similar projects in other parts of the world. This will encourage reforestation in other areas within the wet zone of Sri Lanka.

HSBC is happy to partner with the Ellawala Charitable Trust in this initiative as it is in line with HSBC’s efforts to maintain sustainable development and adopt good environmental practices which are considered fundamental aspects of sound business management. It also signifies the need in promoting a sustainable livelihood, whilst conserving the environment, which has become a fitting concept with the Bank’s global initiatives.

Honorary consultants

Honorary consultants have visited the project to give our staff further insights in to the primary objective of the project, promoting a healthy life style through conservation.