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Contact: Coordinator: Mrs. Nalini Ellawala –Trustee and Secretary of the Project

Address: Mahausakande Kiriella, Sri Lanka.

Tel: 0365671421,0716587322


During the coming years we aim to make Mahausakande an attractive visitor site, so that all those who are interested in bio-diversity, nature conservation and holistic health will be able to make the pilgrimage to Mahausakande because we are not only re-generating a tropical rain forest, but also trying to re-generate the human spirit in a fun-filled and joyful environment. At a time when the subject of global warming and climate change is receiving special attention, it is comforting to know that a small group of like-minded Sri Lankans have got together to bring about a healthy change in community behavioral practices, even in a small way.

We are gearing ourselves for a learning experience in a natural environment. Come with your family and let the youth in your group pick up the mysteries of nature in a truly scientific manner. Participate in a discussion which will open the doors to joyful living.

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