Mahausakande invites nature lovers and students of nature to have a “hands on experience” at a re-generating tropical rain forest site in the South Western wet-zone of  Sri Lanka.

In this idyllic, eco-friendly forest setting you can observe the plants, birds, amphibians, insects, (i.e butterflies) reptiles, and all the other wonders of nature that only a tropical rain forest can offer. It is a perfect base for a day visit to a natural world heritage site, the Sinharaja. The Gem City of Sri Lanka- Ratnapura is only 30 minutes away.

We invite you to explore our site and learn about us. We are the pioneers in re-generating tropical rain forests in Sri Lanka while combining the activity with the concept of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy the tranquility and the beauty of this location and give yourself the gift of widening your horizons by stepping into an exciting, joyful and healthy lifestyle. This combination is unmatched because the project is not only re-generating a tropical rain forest, it also aims at introducing the visitor to holistic and healthy living. For those who are already enjoying the power and the freedom of holistic health, this is a paradise.

Please note: Alcohol, tobacco and other substance use spoils the joy of the Mahausakande experience.